# clusterReduce

Reduce clusters in GeoJSON Features, similar to Array.reduce()
简化GeoJSON要素中的聚类,类似于 Array.reduce() 方法。

> npm install @turf/clusters


参数 类型 描述
geojson FeatureCollection GeoJSON Features
property (string|number) GeoJSON property key/value used to create clusters
callback Function a method that takes (previousValue, cluster, clusterValue, currentIndex)
initialValue (*) Value to use as the first argument to the first call of the callback.


    • The value that results from the reduction.


var geojson = turf.featureCollection([
    turf.point([0, 0]),
    turf.point([2, 4]),
    turf.point([3, 6]),
    turf.point([5, 1]),
    turf.point([4, 2])

// Create a cluster using K-Means (adds `cluster` to GeoJSON properties)
var clustered = turf.clustersKmeans(geojson);

// Iterate over each cluster and perform a calculation
var initialValue = 0
turf.clusterReduce(clustered, 'cluster', function (previousValue, cluster, clusterValue, currentIndex) {
    return previousValue++;
}, initialValue);

// Calculate the total number of clusters
var total = turf.clusterReduce(clustered, 'cluster', function (previousValue) {
    return previousValue++;
}, 0);

// Create an Array of all the values retrieved from the 'cluster' property
var values = turf.clusterReduce(clustered, 'cluster', function (previousValue, cluster, clusterValue) {
    return previousValue.concat(clusterValue);
}, []);
Last Updated: 11/21/2022, 10:43:18 PM