# rhumbDestination

Returns the destination Point having travelled the given distance along a Rhumb line from the origin Point with the (varant) given bearing.
返回从原点到给定方位(变值)沿 恒向线 移动给定距离的终点。


参数 类型 描述
origin Coord starting Point
distance number distance from the starting point
bearing number varant bearing angle ranging from -180 to 180 degrees from north
options Object Optional parameters: see below


属性 类型 默认值 描述
units string kilometers can be degrees, radians, miles, or kilometers
properties Object {} translate properties to destination point


Feature <Point> - Destination point.


var pt = turf.point([-75.343, 39.984], {"marker-color": "F00"});
var distance = 50;
var bearing = 90;
var options = {units: 'miles'};

var destination = turf.rhumbDestination(pt, distance, bearing, options);
Last Updated: 1/19/2021, 10:59:20 AM