# planepoint

Takes a triangular plane as a Polygon and a Point within that triangle and returns the z-value at that point. The Polygon should have properties a , b , and c that define the values at its three corners. Alternatively, the z-values of each triangle point can be provided by their respective 3rd coordinate if their values are not provided as properties.


参数 类型 描述
point Coord the Point for which a z-value will be calculated
triangle Feature <Polygon> a Polygon feature with three vertices


number - the z-value for interpolatedPoint


var point = turf.point([-75.3221, 39.529]);
// "a", "b", and "c" values represent the values of the coordinates in order.
var triangle = turf.polygon([[
  [-75.1221, 39.57], // 注意:polygon首尾坐标要一致
  [-75.58, 39.18],
  [-75.97, 39.86],
  [-75.1221, 39.57]
]], {
  "a": 11,
  "b": 122,
  "c": 44

var zValue = turf.planepoint(point, triangle);
point.properties.zValue = zValue;
Last Updated: 1/17/2023, 5:38:58 PM