# interpolate

Takes a set of points and estimates their 'property' values on a grid using the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) method.
采用一组点,并估计它们在网格上的“属性”值,使用 反向距离加权(IDW) 方法。


参数 类型 描述
points FeatureCollection <Point> with known value
cellSize number the distance across each grid point
options Object 可选参数:见下文


属性 类型 默认值 描述
gridType string square defines the output format based on a Grid Type (options: 'square'
property string elevation the property name in
units string kilometers used in calculating cellSize, can be degrees, radians, miles, or kilometers
weight number 1 exponent regulating the distance-decay weighting


FeatureCollection <(Point|Polygon)> - grid of points or polygons with interpolated 'property'


var points = turf.randomPoint(30, {bbox: [50, 30, 70, 50]});

// add a random property to each point
turf.featureEach(points, function(point) {
    point.properties.solRad = Math.random() * 50;
var options = {gridType: 'points', property: 'solRad', units: 'miles'};
var grid = turf.interpolate(points, 100, options);
Last Updated: 6/21/2023, 11:40:17 PM